Car Waxing and Polish

Car waxing and polish is one of the most important car maintenance procedures but, quite a number of car owners are usually hesitant to perform it. Failing to wax and polish your car from time to time can impact degeneration of the car’s appeal among other kinds of damage to various body parts. In fact, there are several risks that your car could be exposed to if it is not occasionally waxed and polished by an expert. Even if the threats may not clearly show, there could be underlying problems on your car without effective waxing and polish.

Car Service Singapore are the car grooming experts that you can always trust to deliver a good job when it comes to car waxing and polish. We have a dedicated team of professionals with experience in car grooming to give your car a shiny and glossy appeal both inside and out. Our operations integrate various advanced car waxing and polish technologies for quality workmanship and convenience. Besides, our services can always be delivered on location or at our garages across Singapore.

Benefits of Car Waxing and Polish

Without knowing the benefits of car waxing and polish, it is easier for most people to ignore the processes when conducting maintenance. However, that is something we are always very keen on to ensure that your car is given the best care that it deserves. There are several benefits that you can accomplish through occasional car waxing and polish. By applying the right wax and polish to your car, you will be able to prevent a wide range of common sub-surface defects on the paintwork.

Car wax and polish offers an effective layer to cushion the paintwork and surfaces from several risks that can be caused by poor road conditions like, rust. Whenever the layer is applied, it covers the paint of the car from exposure to oxidation. Since oxidation results from oxygen and heat, which are generated each time the car is used, it is a significant threat that can easily destroy even the best quality paintwork. By waxing your car at least two times every year, you will be able to preserve its appearance and condition for longer.

If your car is mostly used in areas where there are elevated levels of road salt, it would be ideal to do waxing and polishing even quarterly. Apart from oxidation and corrosion, there are several other elements that can also cause minor cuts and scratches on the car. And, the best way to properly seal them off is waxing and polishing. If the procedures are done after every short duration, these scratches and cuts could easily develop into major dents.

Proper car waxing and polishing will also leave your car with a glossy finish for an outstanding appeal. While driving or being driven on a car that is finely waxed and polished, even your confidence on the road is a notch higher. Due to the effective coating offered by wax and polish, you will also experience significant reduction in the cost of frequent car repair and maintenance. In a nutshell, occasional and professional waxing and polish preserves the condition of your car while also protecting your pocket.

Professional Car Waxing and Polish

Even though some car owners usually opt to wax and polish their cars independently, the results can be devastating if you do not have the right supplies, tools and expertise to perform those tasks. Unlike other simple car grooming procedures, effective car waxing and polish requires someone who knows better how it is done and, also the recommended products to use. At Car Service Singapore, we have the right people and tools for professional car waxing and polish.

Car waxing and polish may sometimes seem easy but, there are several steps, guidelines and equipment that must be used for the best results. We will first check the condition of your car to determine all the areas that might have been exposed to defects. In fact, we always recommend that the car is properly washed even before the inspection. This is important in preparing the surfaces so the wax and polish can easily bond with the paint.

There are varieties of car waxes and polishes that we can use. However, our experts will only choose and apply the most suitable products for your car. The car waxing and polishing supplies that we use are safe on car paint and, also the environment. Even after they dry out, there are no impacts that they can have on you or other people using the car. And, we are always keen to apply just the right amount of wax and polish for a smooth and shiny finish.

Depending on your needs and the condition of the car, we can wax and polish selected parts as well as the whole car. But, we always recommend that you perform comprehensive car waxing and polish so all the vulnerable parts of the car are properly cushioned from minor damage. When the process is done selectively, there are chances some areas will be left exposed, which could even result into serious damage or quicker wear and tear.

After proper waxing and polish, we will also inspect the car again to make sure that the procedure is done right. You will also have the opportunity to check the car before it is handed over. In case you may need additional car grooming procedures, we can still deliver the best. With us, you are always guaranteed the most effective solutions in car waxing and polish.

Why Choose Car Service Singapore for Car Waxing and Polish

Our goal is greater customer satisfaction in every car grooming procedure. We remain confident in our work because of the following reasons;

  • The best car waxing and polish done by experts
  • Affordable car waxing and polish
  • Dependable services offered at your own convenience
  • Professional advice on proper car care and maintenance

For the most reliable, fairly-priced and professional car waxing and polish Singapore, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.