Car Exhaust Repair

The car exhaust system performs three crucial roles that if compromised, could put your car at greater risks of breakdown. One of these is directing harmful fumes and wastes discharged from the engine to their escape point, located towards the rear of the car. Besides, the exhaust system is also tasked with reducing the toxicity of the discharge for lower environmental impact. On the other hand, the car exhaust system also ensures that the noise produced from burning fuel and other chemical reactions in the process is reduced.

The exhaust is a system that comprises various pipes and compartments, working together to ensure that all the tasks outlined above are conducted as required. It originates from the vehicle’s engine and runs through to the back. Most cars usually have just one exhaust system but, there are also other heavy duty cars that are equipped with two exhaust systems. Either way, the purpose is similar. Considering that the exhaust is directly linked to the engine, there is no doubt any hitch experienced on the system could significantly jeopardize the major functions of the car.

At Car Service Singapore, we have a better understanding of a wide range of car exhaust problems. And, this enables us to always provide the best car exhaust diagnosis and repair. Our company has a dedicated team of trained mechanics with greater experience in car repair to always deliver lasting solutions to exhaust and other car components’ problems. Despite your location in Singapore, we can either tow the car or dispatch mechanics to conduct car exhaust repairs at your own convenience.

Common Car Exhaust Problems

There are numerous car exhaust problems that you can be faced with when driving or after coming from a trip. These problems usually vary from one car to another depending on its condition, where and how it’s driven among other elements. Besides, even the causes of car exhaust failures are not always similar. One of the popular car exhaust hitches is corrosion or rust, which can affect the whole system or just some chambers. Whenever this occurs, the signs can be easily seen along the pipes. If not addressed, corrosion can even cut of the exhaust pipe.

In case the rust spreads to most parts of the exhaust, you could also experience damage of certain chambers or even total failure of the system. Rust usually spreads faster and can soon find its way into the exhaust chambers that house oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, silencer among others. Apart from corrosion, oxygen sensors can also experience malfunction, which results into faulty measurements for oxygen composition in the system. This can have greater consequences on the fuel efficiency of your car.

Another common car exhaust problem is damaged manifolds. This hitch is usually caused by two key elements. One of these is exposure of the manifolds to higher levels of heat and pressure, which can easily impact wear and tear, thereby generating cracks on the exhaust system. The cracks can develop over time to cause complete malfunction of the exhaust. Manifolds can also be damaged whenever the hangers of the exhaust are broken, creating an abnormal pressure on the former.

Also known as mufflers, the silencer is also another area in the exhaust system where problems can be experienced. Whenever there is a hitch in the mufflers, your car will producing a lot of noise different from the normal sound heard when starting or driving it. The main cause for silencer problems is rust or wear and tear. In most occasions, this problem is usually experienced when the rust is already spread into several parts of the exhaust system. Other car exhaust problems that you should also look out for include clogged Diesel Particulate Filter, catalytic converter failure and exhaust leaks.

How we Conduct Car Exhaust Repair

At Car Service Singapore, there are various kinds of car exhaust problems that we have been able to effectively diagnose and fix for motorists across Singapore. Even if you may be experiencing a different kind of hitch from those that we have discussed above, our mechanics can still deliver the best repair for lasting solutions. In order to always provide effective and comprehensive repair works, our mechanics start by inspections. As a result of this, we are always able to determine car exhaust problems, areas affected, magnitude of the impact as well as other potential threats.

Upon completion of the diagnosis, we will prepare a quote in consultation with you to highlight all the procedures that will be conducted and full costs. The quotation is free and, always prepared based on the particular hitches established, recommended repairs as well as your instructions or needs. In every task, our mechanics are always keen to take a unique approach with greater focus on the problems being experienced and your expectations. In this way, we are able to provide tailor made solutions to every car exhaust problem.

Depending on the problems that you are facing, there are some that we can solve by proper cleaning and restoration of the components. For cases like rust and leaks, we will be able to effectively seal off all the cracks. However, there are also some problems that may require replacement of the affected exhaust components. For example, if the exhaust pipe is badly corroded and cannot be effectively sealed off, we will advise you on the most suitable parts and components for replacement. The same also applies to exhaust parts that are worn out.

Before the car is handed over to you, our mechanics will also perform tests to ascertain that all the hitches are solved. Besides, we can also give professional advice on how to easily diagnose common car exhaust problems and maintain the system for sustainability.

Why Choose Car Service Singapore for Car Exhaust Repair

We always take pride in the provision of tailor made car repair solutions. In every task, we always guarantee the following;

  • Professional repairs for both single and twin exhaust cars
  • Quick car exhaust repair
  • Affordable rates

At Car Service Singapore, we always strive to deliver lasting solutions to all car exhaust problems. Contact us for the best car exhaust repair Singapore.