Car Transmission Repair

Simply called the gear box, a car transmission system is made up of a series of parts and components that are exposed to lots of heat, movements and friction from time to time. These parts interact with each other in different ways to run the engine and, also move the car back and forth. Considering all these, the transmission system is one of the areas where most cases of car failure is experienced. Problems on this part of the car can also be quite expensive to deal with.

To enable you enjoy smooth rides all the way, Car Service Singapore offers professional car transmission inspection, diagnosis and repair. Our company is equipped with tailor made solutions for common and complex car transmission system hitches. We understand the various kinds of problems encountered in car transmissions and, have the expertise to always provide the most suitable remedies to ensure that your car’s performance is not compromised.

Unlike other car components, the transmission system has several moving parts that you cannot easily know how to handle without expertise in automobiles. In fact, it is also very delicate and, any slight mistake when working on it could result into huge losses. Instead of putting yourself into all these risks, it is important to always let our mechanics do proper examination, diagnosis and repair for the car’s transmission system. We can deliver lasting solutions to transmission malfunction or breakdown in all car models, brands and types.

Common Car Transmission Problems

There is a wide range of situations and elements that can impact car transmission failure. The most effective way of dealing with car transmission problems is visiting a professional immediately. But, it is also advisable that you have a better idea of common car transmission problems in order to easily detect them as soon as they start to show. There are some DIY tasks that you could easily perform with better knowledge of common car transmission problems.

A non-responsive car transmission system is one of the hitches that you can be faced with, especially while driving. Generally, the car should be immediately engaged into gear as soon as you switch the button or handle. In case the car drags on after engaging gear, there are higher chances of transmission system failure. Sometimes, it shows in the form of the engine running faster than the car. Lack of transmission system response can happen in both manual and automatic cars as well as Japanese and continental cars.

Whenever the car transmission system is not responding, you may also find out that maybe only one of the gears are affected. This is how the problem usually starts in most cars then develops onto other areas if it is not effectively addressed on time.

ATF leaks is also another common car transmission problem that can be clearly visible whenever the engine cover is opened. The Automatic Transmission Fluid is the lubricant that helps in cleaning and conditioning the system for efficiency. In case the level of the fluid goes below the recommended limit, your car’s engine could start failing and even come to a halt indefinitely. ATF is red in color and, whenever you see spills of it on the floor or realize it is getting consumed faster than normal, it is time to do an inspection for any possible leaks.

Car transmission problems can also present themselves by shaking the car at any gear. When driving, you will feel that the car is constantly shaky even after switching gears. This can sometimes be accompanied by unfamiliar sounds or noise. Whenever you hear a kind of clunking or screeching sound from the car, there could be a problem in the transmission system. A car should move smoothly regardless of the gear in motion, hence, it is always advisable to seek help whenever it starts shaking.

In case of a problem in your car’s transmission system, you can also experience a situation whereby the gears cannot stay in one position instead, keep switching. Whether you are driving an automatic or manual gear car, the transmission should remain in gear until you switch or accelerate. This could be caused by tear and wear in parts of the gears or other components of the car. However, slipping gears is a sure safety threat that you should never assume.

Another common sign of car transmission failure is burning smell. Normally, the ATF is never burnt and, in case you feel any burning smell coming from the transmission system, it could be compromised. This situations can occur when the level of fluid goes lower than the required limit and, also as a result of sludge in the system or corrosion in one or more components.

How We Handle Car Transmission Repair

In conducting car transmission repair, we always begin the procedures with a thorough inspection of the entire system. Although you may already have an idea of the hitch, there could be other hidden threats that might cause greater problems. Therefore, our mechanics will conduct proper examination of the car transmission system to determine all the problems including, likely ones for the best solutions.

After discussing with you about all the problems and recommended remedies, our mechanics will immediately get to work. With our expertise in car transmission systems, we will always give a special attention to every detail for tailor made solutions. We have the right tools and materials to effectively handle every problem in a short span of time. Depending on the hitches and extent of damage, our mechanics can also replace the affected components of the system.

For replacement of car transmission components, we always go for highly durable and reliable spares that will deliver better performance on your car. Our mechanics have the ability to handle all kinds of car transmission hitches with a guarantee of the best results. And, we always strive to deliver all the inspection and repair procedures at the convenience of every customer. Regardless of your location, our company can immediately send mechanics to assist or safely tow the car to our garage for repair.

At Car Service Singapore, we always guarantee professional, reliable and affordable car transmission repair.