Car Modification

Contrary to what some car owners may think, there are quite a wide range of car modification options that can be conducted on your vehicle. The main reason most car owners modify their cars is to improve performance and safety on the road. Besides, car modification can also go a long way in enhancing the aesthetic value of your car for a unique appearance. However, you can only achieve the benefits of car modification if the procedure is done right by an expert.

Instead of struggling to modify your car on your own, simply visit Car Service Singapore. Our company specializes in tailor-made car modification services for all brands and models of cars. Through our car modification services, the vehicle can be re-created to match your driving habits, lifestyle and other expectations. All our services are offered by well-trained mechanics with experience in car modification.

Apart from client expectations, we also conduct car modifications in accordance with the recommended LTA guidelines. We have a better understanding of diverse customer needs and LTA regulations when it comes to car modification. In this way, there is always a guarantee that the standards of road safety and environmental impact of the car is not in any way, compromised. Our goal is to make your car unique and outstanding on the road.

Professional Car Modification Services

There are numerous ways that we can modify your car for better performance, safety and comfort on the road. Besides, our car modification services can be conducted on various parts and components of the vehicle depending on its condition, design as well as your expectations. The following are some of the components and procedures catered for in our car modification services;

Simple Adjustments for enhanced power, fuel efficiency and comfort

In order to effectively modify your car, there are several simple maintenance procedures that we can perform like, regular oil change. Besides, we can also adjust the chain and timing belts after the recommended mileage. These are important in ensuring that the car continues to operate as required without frequent failure or breakdown in some parts. Other adjustments that we can also perform to keep the car powerful and fuel efficient include, changing the air and fuel filters, transmission system fluids and spark plugs.

During car modification, we can also effectively adjust the seat belts, steering wheel, seats, GPS systems, gear knobs and even car radio.

Reprogramming the Car Engine Control Unit

The Engine Control Unit in your car is the key component that is tasked with ensuring a smooth operation of the engine. The unit is enhanced with unique features to impact adjustments to the engine’s fuel or air ratio so that performance is not compromised in varying temperatures and altitudes. However, the manufacturer’s ECU settings usually degenerate over time depending on the condition of the car and environment where it is used. For enhanced performance, we can flush the ECU and re-program it to match your driving habits and other needs.

Replacing Car Suspension System Components

Almost all cars usually come with standard designs for the suspension systems. However, there are many occasions whereby the suspension systems may hinder performance and comfort of the car, especially when driving on harsh road and environmental conditions. As a result of this, we can also replace the shocks and springs of your car’s suspension system to maximize performance and comfort. Depending on your needs, we can find and install high performance stiff or adjustable shocks and springs for better traction during acceleration, turning or braking.

Installing a Cold Air Intake

Your car can only run smooth and better if it is able to breathe as required. In case the stock intakes of your car are worn out or become ineffective, you will experience a lot of engine noise and reduced power. In order to improve performance and avoid all these hitches, we can replace the stock intakes with cold air intakes that are designed to enhance proper breathing in the particular type or model of car that you have. The benefit of a cold air intake is, it has a larger diameter which allows better passage for denser air, thereby generating greater horsepower. Besides, they also have heat cushioning to ensure the engine does not overheat.

Upgrading the Car Braking System

The car brakes are an integral safety component that must always be kept in the best working condition. There are usually a number of alternatives for upgrading car brakes that we can perform including, replacing brake pads and even the entire braking system. Depending on the type and model of your car, we can always source for and install compatible brake pad compounds. Besides, we can also replace the rotors and calipers of your car’s braking system for enhanced friction and accuracy whenever the brakes are applied.

Installing a Wet Nitrous Kit

Although a wet nitrous kit works similarly to dry nitrous kits, the former is always recommended for better engine safety and performance. A wet nitrous kit ensures that the fuel is directly mixed with the nitrous immediately it is pumped into the engine. This will ensure that the fuel or air ratio is not compromised despite the additional nitrous oxide. Considering this, installing a wet nitrous kit can effectively improve the horsepower of your car. Besides, wet nitrous kits can work well in both superchargers and turbochargers.


There are other car modification procedures that we can also deliver to improve the performance of your vehicle and road safety. Our experts can also provide the following car modification procedures;

  • Replacing rubber and polyurethane bushings
  • Installing short filters
  • Installing high-flow car exhaust system
  • Replacing the spark plugs
  • Installing high performance tyres and wheels
  • Adding fuel polarizers and other recommended compounds

Even if you may need a different kind of car modification procedure from the ones outlined above, do not start running up and down for a solution. We can still carefully inspect the car and offer the required modification procedures.

Whenever you contact us for car modification, we always make sure that the replacement parts and components used are durable, efficient and compatible with the particular model and type of your car.