Car Suspension Repair

The car suspension system comprises several components including, shock absorbers, ball joints, springs and wheels. In fact, the suspension system is tasked with bearing the weight of the car and maintaining stability both on the road and, also at rest. As a result of this, it is one of the parts of the car that is subjected to a lot of pressure, which could impact faster wear and tear. Besides, there are other problems too that can be experienced in the car suspension system.

Considering the heavy load of the car, varying road conditions and driving habits, the car suspension is constantly exposed to a series of risks. One of the best approaches to preventing such threats from compromising the performance of your car is inspecting the suspension system regularly. Frequent inspection is recommended because, it can help you to determine car suspension problems early enough for immediate repairs.

At Car Service Singapore, we can deliver proper car suspension inspection and repairs at your own convenience so that you are never bothered with any threats on this part of the car. In case the problem is encountered on the road or even at the parking lot, we can always dispatch mechanics to serve you on location or tow the car to our garage for proper diagnosis of the problems and repairs. We can provide the best workmanship for the ultimate solutions to all your car suspension hitches.

Common Car Suspension Problems

There are several kinds of problems that you can encounter in the suspension system of your car. And, it is important that you have some knowledge on them too for easy diagnosis whenever they occur. In fact, there are some simple hitches that you can sometimes even handle on your own without the help of our experts. However, it is always advisable to talk to us in case of any car suspension problem for proper inspections and fixing.

Damaged or worn out shock absorbers is one of the common car suspension problems that you can encounter. Shock absorbers are meant to make your rides smooth and, whenever they have a problem, you will notice that the car is shaking a lot when on road. Even when driving on smooth tarmac, you will feel like the car is bouncing or drifting. This can cause accidents and weaken other features of the car if not addressed immediately by an expert.

Car suspension problems can also be experienced through poor alignment of wheels. The poor alignment of wheels can be caused by bad road conditions and driving habits. If your wheels were not properly aligned when fixing tyres, there are chances the problem will keep occurring. Poor wheel alignment will not only hamper the stability of the car but, also damage springs and other components of the suspension system.

Damaged springs is also another common car suspension problem. Whenever the springs are damaged, the car is never stable instead, looks like one side is pulling the other down. Sometimes, you may also hear noise when the car is crossing over bumps. If the problem persists for long, you may even have difficulties in turning the car. If the spring is damaged, the car suspension will not be able to properly support the weight, putting you at risks of rolling over and other accidents.

The suspension of your car can also encounter problems if the ball joints are damaged or worn out. These joints link the suspension system to the wheels of the car and, a hitch on them could impact the separation of these two parts, causing greater losses and risks. In most occasions, a problem in the ball joints can be determined by a creaking sound when making a turn. In dire cases, you will only hear parts of the suspension system dragging on the road if it happens while driving.

Other car suspension problems that you should also look out for include, worn out control arms, leaking shocks and uneven tire treads. Although some of these hitches might seem simple, you should never assume any because, all can have devastating impacts on your safety and longevity of the car.

How We Handle Car Suspension Repair

At Car Service Singapore, we have the expertise, tools and experience to effectively diagnose and solve all common and complex car suspension hitches.  Whenever you bring your car to our yard or contact us for car suspension repair, we will first carryout proper inspection to highlight all the existing problems and also others that could be hidden. The inspection is usually focused on the entire suspension system and other related car components so that nothing is left to chance.

After inspecting the car, we will prepare a free quotation, showing all the problems diagnosed and recommended repair procedures. We always involve car owners when preparing quotations so that you are able to end up with tailor made solutions. Our mechanics will start working on the problems as soon as you agree to the quote. In every task that we handle, we will always make sure that the problems are handled in the most effective way to ensure that you do not experience a repeat of the same.

Since car suspension problems are varied, we always strive to handle each uniquely for customized solutions. Depending on the condition of the affected car suspension system components, we will deliver the best repairs as recommended in the quotation. However, it should be noted that there are also some cases whereby the shocks, ball joints, control arms and springs could be badly damaged or worn out. In such instances, we can also replace the affected components with the right ones for your car’s suspension system.

Our mechanics can also conduct proper wheel alignment in case it is the cause of the car suspension problem. For the best results in car suspension repair, we will also make sure that the parts that have been fixed are tested before handing over. With us, you are always guaranteed professional workmanship, reliability and affordability for all kinds of car suspension repairs.

Instead of waiting until the problem becomes too big, simply get in touch with us for immediate car suspension repair Singapore.