Car Air Con Repair

The car AC is an important component that works by regulating the flow of air or temperature in the car. In places like Singapore that experience warm climate in most parts of the year, you need a car AC that is working effectively. The AC can be turned on to bring a cooling effect in the car for better car performance and comfort to the driver and other occupants. A car AC will enable you to create the perfect environment so the car does not overheat and, passengers enjoy their rides in every step of the way.

The car air con is a system that comprises several components including, the compressor, evaporator, refrigerant and condenser. The compressor works by transporting the refrigerant across the AC system, increasing its pressure and temperatures to create the desired feeling. The refrigerant is pressurized gas circulated to create the cold or warm sensations. The condenser on the other hand, works oppositely to the compressor, ensuring that the gas is simplified into a state that can be circulated in the car.

Common Car AC Problems and Causes

Just like other car parts and components, the air con can also develop a series of problems, which could have significant effects on the flow of air within the vehicle. One of the main problems that can be experienced in a car AC is failure of the system to execute commands whenever the function is activated. This means that whenever you switch on the AC, it does not generate the cold sensations as required, even though it shows the system is working.

On the other hand, you can also find out that only one function is working. For example, the air con is producing cold air but cannot generate warmth or vice versa. Apart from these hitches, it may also occur that the airflow is ineffective, thereby hindering the regulation of air. Another problem that you can also experience in a car air con is breakdown of the coolant, also referred to as ‘’Black Death’’ by some automobile experts. This impacts loss of cold air and could even limit the flow of air.

Other than the general car AC problems highlighted above, you can also experience hitches in specific components of the system. An example is, whereby the compressor is not working. Another problem that you can also encounter is clogging or corrosion of the condenser. In fact, even the tubes of the air con system could be damaged or broken during use.

Most of these hitches are usually brought about by poor maintenance or failure to do conduct the procedures. In order to maintain the car AC in proper condition, the entire system should be regularly inspected and cleaned using the right tools and supplies. However, even with proper maintenance of the system, wear and tear could also create failure or malfunction of the AC, hindering it from working as required. All these are issues that we can help you deal with effectively to keep the car AC in the best condition.

How we diagnose and Repair Car Air Con Problems

Regardless of the kind of problem that is being experienced in your car’s AC or reasons for its occurrence, the first step towards a lasting solution is proper diagnosis.  Whenever you bring your car for AC repair to us, we will always begin by inspecting the system in order to determine the hitch, areas affected and also the extent or magnitude of that problem. By determining all these scenarios, we are able to come up with and provide a lasting solution.

During diagnosis of air con problems, our mechanics will thoroughly inspect all the parts and components of the system. Depending on the condition of the AC, we will prepare and deliver a free quotation for the operations to be done on the system. In order to deliver tailor made car AC repairs, we will always involve you when preparing the quotation so that you know exactly what to expect in terms of the activities to be conducted and costs.

There are several kinds of procedures that we can perform during car air con repair including oiling of the moving parts, cleaning of the entire system, reinforcement of weak points and general maintenance. Depending on the kind of problem being experienced, affected components and magnitude of the hitch, we can also recommend replacement. Our mechanics have a better understanding of various AC parts and how they operate to always fix the problems right and, also prevent a repetition of such issues.

Why Choose Car Service Singapore for Car Air Con Repair

Considering the various components of car air con systems and complexity in their operations, you need an expert to work on it whenever there is a problem. And, that expert is Car Service Singapore. Our company is the trusted partner to always rely on for the best car air con repair. By choosing our company to fix your car’s AC system, you are always guaranteed;

Professional Car AC Repair

Our company has mechanics and engineers who are well trained with greater experience in handling various kinds of problems encountered in car AC systems. This enables us to always provide lasting solutions to all car air con problems. Even after the repairs, we can also advise you on how to take good care of the AC to avoid common hitches.

Dependable Car AC Repair

With us, you will no longer be forced to wait for several hours or days before your car is attended to. In fact, we are always very quick to respond to client needs and make sure that all are resolved within the shortest time for convenience.

Affordable Rates

The cost of car air con repair usually varies depending on the particular hitch, affected components and also your specific needs. However, we are very keen on pricing to ensure that you are able to get the best solutions for less.

For highly professional, reliable and pocket friendly car air con repair Singapore, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.