Car Air Con Servicing

In Singapore, the temperatures are relatively high, with average humidity levels rising up to 80%. Combined with the heat generated while the car is in motion, you can find it very uncomfortable driving around even when the windows are open. The best way to enjoying cool and safe rides is with a properly maintained car air con system. Although most auto repair and servicing workshops in Singapore do not offer car air con servicing, there is now a trusted partner that you can count on for the best solutions.

Car Service Singapore is the right place to visit for professional car air con servicing. We understand the importance of having a good car air con system and, have the right tools and expertise to always deliver the best maintenance for the one in your car regardless of the model, type or brand. Our company has spent many years studying and handling various car air con systems to make sure that you can always get tailor made solutions. We can help you preserve your car’s air con system in the best working condition for as long as you wish.

With a well-maintained car air con system, you will be able to ensure a cool environment in the car for greater comfort while on the road. As a result of this, you can properly concentrate on the road for your safety as well as that of other passengers and road users. Besides, regular car air con servicing can also help in determining any likely problems in the system for effective solutions before they develop into bigger issues. And, this will enable you to also cut down the costs of frequent car air con repair.

Comprehensive Car Air Con Servicing

Similar to various car features and components, air con systems also have a lifespan after, which they should be serviced in order to stay in the right condition. Generally, it is recommended that a car air con should be serviced after every two years or covering about 40,000km. However, most car owners are never keen on observing this requirement. As a result of this, quite a number of motorists have been faced with huge car air con repair and replacement costs, which you do not wish to incur.

At Car Service Singapore, we have a better understanding of the various components and parts of car air con systems as well as how they work. Besides, our mechanics have many years’ experience servicing car air con systems. All these are some of the key attributes that enables us to always deliver the best car air con servicing solutions. Whether your car air con seems to be working just fine or experiencing some problems, we can effectively inspect all the parts and conduct the required maintenance procedures to preserve its condition and functionality.

In most occasions, even car air con systems that seem to be working well can have underlying problems that you may not easily notice without proper inspection. And, that is why we always recommend and perform proper inspections of air con systems before servicing in order to ascertain their conditions. During the inspection, our mechanics will carefully check all the parts and components of the air con for any signs of wear and tear or other problems so they can be effectively addressed on time.

There are several kinds of activities entailed in car air con servicing that we can perform on your car.  Our goal is to always make sure that your car’s air con system is accorded the best treatment for guaranteed efficiency and reliability in maintaining a cool environment. The following are some of the key areas that we will address when servicing your car’s air con system;


Our mechanics will carefully check the condition of the condenser and its parts including the hoses. In case of blockage or damage, we will replace the condenser or specific parts that are affected.


We will also examine the compressor and all the parts that are linked to it like, the V-belt and clutch. The pistons in the compressor are among the parts that are usually exposed to problems and, our mechanics will also carefully look into them for repairs or replacement where necessary.


The evaporator is also another important car air con component that we will also check and maintain. Depending on its condition, we can also replace any parts that could be worn out or showing signs of damage.

AC Wiring

During air con servicing, we will also inspect the wiring of the system to make sure that any sign of malfunction is eliminated. In case of poor wiring, our mechanics will also correct all the mistakes and make replacements if required.

Air con Leaks

Our company has advanced AC leak detection kits to use in finding out whether the system is leaking or having any signs of the same. In case of leakage, our mechanics will effectively seal all the points and, also address the causes so you do not experience them again.

Apart from the areas highlighted above, we can also thoroughly conduct inspections and maintenance on the expansion valve, dryer, thermostat and other components. Even if your air con system might have stopped working or is experiencing a few problems here and there, we can also effectively diagnose the problems and provide customized car air con repair. Depending on your needs, we can conduct full-range or partial servicing for the air con. Full-range car air con servicing covers all parts and components while partial servicing is mainly focused on specific parts or areas of the feature.

Why Choose Car Service Singapore for Car Air Con Servicing

The following are some of the main reasons most car owners have always relied on us for car air con servicing;

  • The best servicing for all car AC brands, models and types
  • Reliable and quick car air con servicing
  • Affordable car air con servicing

At Car Service Singapore, we always guarantee the best car air con servicing Singapore, which can be delivered on your own terms. Besides, we can also provide quality car air con repair in case of failure or malfunction of the system.