Car Engine Repair

The malfunction or breakdown of a car engine is always a reason for panic among motorists considering the engine is the ‘brain and heart’ of the vehicle. A car’s engine is where most of the functions and commands are executed, which makes it an integral component. In fact, whenever there is an engine failure, there are higher chances several key functions of the car will also be compromised. In dire cases, engine failures could even push you into buying a new car if they are not addressed immediately and effectively.

Despite the disparities in the design and operations of diesel, gasoline, electric and hybrid car engines, the role remains the same. The main role of the engine is to generate the energy required for propelling the car. For the car to move, there are various procedures that go on inside the engine. Although it may look very simple, the car engine is quite complicated in terms of components and functionality. As such, there are several kinds of problems that can arise on a car’s engine when in use or even at rest.

Car engine failures always vary from one car to another and, are usually not easy to diagnose and fix, unless you have proper knowledge on this component. But, you do not have to worry anymore because, at Car Service Singapore, we have what it takes to always deliver the best car engine repair. Our company has mechanics with better training and experience in handling the engines of various car models and brands to provide professional repairs for both common and complex car engine problems.

Depending on the kind of problem experienced in your car’s engine, the affected parts and extent of the impact, there are some that can be easily spotted, diagnosed and fixed. However, there are also others that are usually too complicated and could take you quite a long time before you even notice, especially in the early stages. Regardless of the problem, the best solution is to always seek immediate assistance from our experts. Besides, it is also important that you know about a few common car engine problems.

Common Car Engine Problems

Over the years that we have been conducting car repairs, there are numerous engine problems that we have witnessed and solved. Some of these faults originate from the engine itself while others also occur as a result of malfunction or failure of other car components as well as elements outside the car. In both cases, the faults can have dire impacts on the operations and safety of your car if they are not addressed in time and, by a professional. The most common car engine problems that most people have come to us with include;

  • Car engines that won’t start
  • Oil pump failure
  • Overheating engine
  • Increased oil consumption and dirty oil
  • Clogged or corroded radiator
  • Oxygen sensors’ failure
  • Sparks knock
  • Worn out piston rings
  • Oil leaks

There are several other problems that may also be experienced in a car’s engine. As hinted above, there are some faults that you can easily detect when driving or during engine inspection like, blocked and rusty radiator, dirty oil, sparks knock, overheating engine, leaking oil and hard start. Others like, worn out piston rings, oil pump malfunction and increased oil consumption are usually not easily noticeable until they are deeply entrenched into the system.  Whatever the case we can always help you in diagnosing and fixing all the hitches.

How we Conduct Car Engine Repair

In some instances, car owners come to us with an account of the problems experienced in their cars’ engines. We understand that there are also other car engine problems that you may not be able to diagnose by yourself. Therefore, we always start our work by conducting a proper inspection of the engine and other components that are directly linked to it. We do this to make sure that all the faults are clearly identified and marked out for repair. After that, we will prepare and handover a free quote showing all the findings, recommended repair procedures and related costs.

We always perform car repairs with a focus on the particular problems and customer needs. Our mechanics acknowledge the fact that engines usually vary based on the type, model and brand of every car. Therefore, we will also take into account the particular engine of your car to make sure that you are able to get tailor made solutions. We have the expertise and tools to use in fixing all the common car engine problems highlighted above as well as other complicated ones. And, we always assign the tasks to our mechanics for accountability and convenience.

In case there are just a few engine parts that are affected or causing the hitch, our mechanics will make sure that they are effectively addressed in the shortest time. For situations whereby several components or even the entire engine is compromised, we can also deliver comprehensive car engine repair. Even if there is only a slight problem, we always recommend that the whole engine of your car is examined and accorded proper maintenance. The main reason for this is to ensure that any likely fault is also identified and fixed before it spreads to other parts of the engine.

The final stage in our car repair operations is testing. Our mechanics will make sure that the engine is tested and proven to be in the best condition before the car is surrendered to you. In this way, you are always assured of the best results.

Why Choose Car Service Singapore for Car Engine Repair

Choosing our company for car engine repair is always the best decision whenever you are faced with engine failure. The benefits of relying on us include;

  • Professional engine repair for all types, models and brands of cars
  • Competitive rates to suit every budget
  • Reliable and quick car engine repair

During repairs, our mechanics can also offer you free advice on how to easily diagnose and, fix simple car engine problems for convenience and greater savings. Talk to us for the best car engine repair Singapore.