Car Body Repair & Grooming

While conducting car repair, most people are only keen on the engine and other basic components like, car alternator, headlights, battery, tyres, suspension and transmission systems. As a result of this, the body of the car is often ignored. But, the truth is, all these components are important in ensuring that the vehicle is safe, appealing and functioning as required. Apart from housing the various delicate car parts, the body is what cushions you from the external environment when driving or being driven.

Assuming car body repair and grooming is a mistake that could put you into greater risks while on the road including, accidents. By taking proper care of the body of your car, you are able to protect the vital components that could be easily damaged when exposed to the external environment. Besides, it will also help in preserving the appeal of the car for longevity. At Car Service Singapore, we offer the best car body repair and grooming services that can help you preserve the appeal and performance of your car for the longest time.

Our main car body and grooming services

Car Body Repair

Whether your car is involved in an accident or any other situation that might have left impacts of damage on the body, our company can always provide the best car body repair. Depending on the condition of the car body and extent of damage, we can conduct several repair procedures to effectively revive its looks and appeal. Our car body repair services are comprehensive and can cover all the parts and components of the car.

Car Grooming

Our car grooming services are mainly aimed at improving the appearance of the car, which we can also perform in different ways. One of the approaches that we take in car grooming is car wash to remove dirt and any other unpleasant materials on the car. Besides, we can also groom your car by waxing and polishing all the surfaces to keep them smooth and looking good.

Car Bumper Repair

The bumper is an important feature of your car meant to reduce the impact of damage whenever your car is involved in a head-on collision with another car or hits something. Our mechanics have the right tools and expertise to effectively repair all kinds of damage on the car bumper for safety of passengers.

Car Dent Repair

Car dents are a common occurrence that will leave your car looking very bad if they are not addressed. In fact, car dents is one of the main causes of wear and tear in the body of the car. If dents are not addressed as soon as they are noticed, they can easily develop to create weak points on the car. But, you no longer have to worry about them because, our company also offers car dent repair, which can effectively erase all signs of minor damage to various parts of the car.

Car Frame Repair

In case the frames of your car are weak, bent or damaged, they will not be able to effectively support the weight of the car, which could put you at risk of accidents. Besides, weak and worn car frames can also make your car to age quite faster. Instead of waiting until the frames are completely destroyed, simply come to us for the best car frames repair.

Car Paint Scratch Repair

There are various things that can scratch your car on the road and even in the parking lot. Whenever this happens, it can significantly alter the paintwork on the car, leaving it with very unpleasant marks. In fact, even a slight paint scratch can significantly alter the looks of your car. At Car Service Singapore, we also provide customized car paint scratch repair to ensure that the appearance of your car is not compromised.

Car Rust Repair

Rust can create holes and cracks on the body of the car, which can significantly weaken the affected areas in no time. If not addressed early enough, rust can quickly spread into several components, causing malfunction. In case you realize any signs of rust on the car, it is always important to immediately bring it to us for proper car rust repair. We will properly clean and seal off all the affected areas and make replacements for parts that might have been badly compromised.

Car Spray Painting

Car spray painting is usually recommended whenever you want to enhance or change the paintwork on your car. Unlike other mechanisms applied in car painting, our spray painting procedures are quite effective and fast. Our company has trained personnel and the best equipment for car spray painting to ensure that your car is accorded the desired look. We can either spray paint specific parts or the whole car depending on your needs.

Why Choose Car Service Singapore for Car Body Repair and Grooming

In most occasions, car owners usually opt to conduct car body repair and grooming operations on their own. However, this is not the best way to go since the operations require expertise and special equipment and materials, which are not easy to come by. At Car Service Singapore, we are the experts with the ultimate solutions that you can always rely on to preserve the appeal and performance of your car.

Choosing our company for car body repair and grooming is a sure bet for greater satisfaction. We always take pride in our ability to deliver the following;

Depending on your needs, we can either tow your car to any of our garages across Singapore or visit you to perform the required body repair and grooming procedures at home. Our personnel are trusted and can always work on the car even in your absence with a guarantee of the best results in every procedure. Talk to us for tailor made car body repair and grooming solutions Singapore.