Car Customization

To many people who own cars, a car is just another vessel for casual transportation, which does not usually require additional enhancements, provided, it can move from one point to another. However, your car is an extension of your personality, which should be clearly reflected both on the inside and outside of the vehicle. The best way to ensure that your car is able to effectively express your style and personality in a unique twist is through car customization.

There are many alternatives for customizing cars but, you will only be able to get the best results if the procedure is conducted by someone who truly understands how it is done. Car Service Singapore is the right place for car customization that you should always visit for the services. Our car customization services will enable you to easily get the most fulfilling driving experience, staying ahead of other road users.

We strive to deliver professional car customization services that prioritize greater aesthetic appeal and improved performance for enhanced confidence and safety on the road. We have a better understanding of diverse car customization ideas to always deliver tailor made solutions. Depending on the type and model of your car, its condition and your needs, we can always recommend and perform various car customization procedures.

Comprehensive Car Customization Services

There are quite a number of car customization procedures that we can perform on your vehicle to make it outstanding on the road. Most of these are activities that you cannot successfully handle on your own without expertise in car customization. Our company has a team of experts that can deliver diverse car customization procedures to bring out the desired appeal for your vehicle. The main car customization procedures that we provide include;

Car Engine Swapping

This is one of the main car customization procedures that we can help you with. Changing the engine of your car might seem tedious and costly but, the benefits are massive. Depending on the condition of your car and needs, we can swap the engine with a high performance one to make it unique and more efficient. This is mainly recommended in cases whereby you need to increase the speed and general performance on the road. Our engineers can source for and install the most suitable engine that is compatible with the particular car model and type as well as all your needs.  Besides, we can also install a supercharger or turbocharger for greater engine power.

Car Stereo Upgrading

Modern cars usually come with advanced stereo systems that can effectively work with various entertainment devices. However, these still have a series of limitations, which can hinder you from having the perfect entertainment in the car. As such, we can also help you in upgrading the car stereo system to support the various functions that you need like, Bluetooth connection, hands-free calls, USB tuning among others. Besides, we can also install LCD or LED screens on the headrests or other parts of the car interior for TV streaming. In this way, you and your passengers will be able to enjoy greater entertainment and comfort.

Our experts can also upgrade the speakers in your car with more advanced sound systems that are focused on sound quality.

Custom Steering Wheel

Installing a custom steering wheel is yet another unique option for giving the car an extra touch. Besides, it is also an alternative for enhancing comfort in the car. We can install custom steering wheels with sleek leather finishes to bring out a luxurious feel on your car. Besides, there are also new Ambient Alerts that can be attached to the steering wheel for proper diagnosis of faults on the car. This new invention is always a great addition since it can also display the constant status of the vehicle’s condition for better safety.

In case the car develops a problem, you will easily receive an alert on the steering wheel, thus, eliminating elaborate car inspection procedures. You can also opt for a sports steering wheel, which you may not even need an airbag while using on your car.

Replacing the Car Upholstery

Although customizing the body of the car can bring out a great look, the best way to experience your car is from the inside. In order to achieve this, we can also change the upholstery of your car to make the interior more attractive and comfortable. Depending on how you intend the décor of the car interior to look, we have a selection of upholstery fabrics and leather options to bring out a luxurious touch. Our personnel can also assist you in choosing the best car upholstery that can properly express your personality and confidence.

Installation of High Performance Exhaust

Most of the aftermarket car exhaust make vehicles produce very loud sounds on the road. Although these attract many motorists, it is not the only option. We have a wide range of high-performance car exhausts that are quieter and, can also deliver additional horsepower. There are exhausts with sleek and rust-free finishes for that classic outlook.

Replacing Off-Road Car Parts and Components

Driving off-roads usually requires specific kinds of wheels, tyres, suspension systems among other components. Thus, there are several off-road parts that we can also replace or install on your car to prepare it for the tough conditions out there. We can set up the right tyres and wheels, suspension system and, also include a winch.

Other Car Customization Services

Besides the procedures discussed above, there are several other car customization services that we also offer;

  • Car weight reduction
  • Portable car refrigerator and safe installation
  • Custom car paint and artwork
  • Unique coach building
  • Installation of car security applications and systems
  • Replacing custom car wheels and tyres
  • Installation of sport gas and brake pedals.

In case you need a more personalized car customization procedure that we have not listed herein, do not hesitate to talk to us. We always strive to offer tailor made car customization solutions for every car and budget. And, our personnel can always customize the car at your own convenience.