Car Tyres

Car tyres are among the basic components that every car must have in order to move. And, there is always a tyre for every car model and type, which you must carefully select in order to safely drive around. Without the right tyres for your car, your vehicle will not have the ability for better traction on the road. As a result of this, you can be exposed to numerous risks including, accidents. In fact, even using worn out tyres could put you, other passengers and also motorists at great danger.

Although car tyres usually look similar, it should be noted that not all tyres can fit into your car. Apart from knowing how to choose the right car tyres, you should also be knowledgeable on the best measures to always take whenever there is a problem with the tyres. This means you need a professional to assist you in selecting the right tyres and ensuring that the ones on your car are kept in the best condition for safety on the road.  At Car Service Singapore, we are the experts that you can trust for the best assistance in choosing car tyres, car tyre repair and replacement.

Choosing Car Tyres

Car tyres usually come with information showing where they should be used and other important details to assist customers when buying the products. Some of the key details that you can find indicated on car tyres is, the aspect ratio, wheel diameter, radial or type of construction, load rating and speed rating. However, even with all this information, it can still be challenging for most people to find the right car tyres since not everyone understands the implications of these aspects of car tyres.

In order to easily choose the right car tyres, it is important that you know a few basics about your car like, its weight or load capacity, size of the wheels and speed rating. This will give you an easy time in narrowing down to suitable car tyres to choose from. But, we can also help you avoid all that stress whenever you let us examine your car. After knowing the type and model of your car, we will advise you on the most suitable car tyres to consider buying for safety on the road.

Besides, helping you choose the right car tyres, we can also deliver the following services;

Car Tyre Repair

Car tyres bear the weight of the car, passengers and goods. Besides, they are the main parts of the car that come into contact with the ground or road, which exposes them to lots of risks depending on where the car is driven and amount of weight handled by the car.  If the car is overloaded or driven on rough and pot-holed roads, it is the car tyres that feel the most pressure.

Apart from overloading and poor road conditions, car tyres can also succumb to wear and tear after they have been used for a longer period of time. Besides, poor weather and environmental conditions factors could also cause damages to car tyres. Generally, some of the greatest risks that car tyres are exposed to include punctures, warping of the wheels and cuts. All these hitches can impact poor traction or contact of the wheel with the road, thereby causing the car to slide or skid whenever the brakes are applied.

Whenever your car tyres are worn out, punctured, cut, wrapped or develop other problems that could jeopardize good traction on the road, one of the best options that we can recommend and perform is car tyre repair. Our company has mechanics that can conduct the best car tyre repair to prolong the lifespan of the wheels and, also improve traction for improved safety while driving.

In conducting car tyre repair, we will start by doing a thorough inspection of all the car tyres to ascertain their conditions. Depending on the kind of problem, we can safely patch up punctured areas and cuts to properly seal them off. In case there are some materials stuck on the wheel, we will also remove and clear the treads to ensure that your car tyres are in the best condition to take on the road.

Car Tyre Replacement

Although most punctures, cuts and other elements of car tyre damage can be solved by car tyre repair, there are also situations whereby a replacement would be the best option. For instance, if the car tyres are badly punctured or have cuts that are too big to be patched up, it would be advisable to conduct car tyre replacement. On the other hand, even car tyres that are too old and worn out always require a replacement due to their inability to handle the weight of the car and also maintain traction while on the road.

However, we always start every procedure by conducting an examination of the car tyres in order to know their conditions. Our mechanics can visit you to inspect the car tyres or you can also simply bring the car to us for the procedure. Even if you have done the inspection on your own, there are some areas that you may forget to look at, which could be very risky. For better examination, our mechanics will safely take off the tyres from your car.

Depending on the conditions of the car tyres, we will be able to help you in choosing the best replacement. Although it is usually recommended to replace the whole set of tyres for your car, this could be a bit costly. Hence, our engineers will only replace the ones that are affected. We have the right equipment and tools to use in car tyre replacement to ensure that the task is done fast and, according to your needs. Besides, we will also advise you on how to take good care of your car tyres for a longer lifespan.

The Best Car Tyre Repair and Replacement Singapore

At Car Service Singapore, we offer the best car tyre repair and replacement with greater reliability and affordability. Talk to us for the ultimate car tyre solutions Singapore.