Car Towing Service

There are numerous kinds of situations that might bring your car to an indefinite halt including, accidents, and mechanical problems. One thing about such situations is, they usually occur when you least expect, which makes them very inconveniencing. In order to avoid additional risks to yourself and the car during such emergencies, it is always advisable that it is immediately towed to a safe location for inspection, repair and other procedures.

Car Service Singapore is the most reliable company for car towing service that you should always liaise with for immediate assistance in the event of an accident or other emergencies. We understand the numerous threats that you can be exposed to whenever your car is stalled on the side of the road. And, our goal is to make sure that it is safely moved to the particular location that you desire in Singapore within the shortest time.

With our car towing services, you do not have to spend the whole day or night by the road watching your car. Our company is always quick in response and can immediately dispatch a tow truck and personnel to your location for assistance on short notice. Depending on the reason why the car is stalled and your needs, we can either tow it to your home, any of our closest garages or other destinations across Singapore at your own convenience and, also in safety.

Dependable Car Towing Service Singapore

Generally, car towing usually entails using a truck enhanced with cranes and other car handling equipment to safely transport a car that cannot move on its own. The transportation involves loading the car onto a tow truck or pulling it. However, it should be noted that not all cars can be towed in the same way. The mechanism and equipment used in towing every car is mainly based on its condition, size and features.

In order to meet all your car towing needs, our company has various kinds of equipment and tools for car towing services. Our goal is to make sure that your car can be safely moved to the desired location regardless of its size, features and condition. In fact, we always integrate various advanced car towing tools and technologies for safety and convenience. Besides, our company has engineers with a better experience in car towing services to always deliver the best.

Strong Wheel Lift Trucks

We have very durable wheel lift trucks that can effectively tow all kinds and sizes of cars. These are mainly operated by pulling and, recommended in cases whereby the wheels of the car are able to rotate freely. Our wheel lift trucks are built with hydraulic systems to safely load your car onto our trucks. Besides, the trucks also have strong pulling equipment to make sure that your car is safely moved to the required location.  One of the benefits of our wheel lift trucks is, they can easily tow just any size of car.

Customized Flat Beds

Our flat beds are the best for towing cars that are badly damaged and whose wheels cannot rotate. As the name suggests, the flatbed trucks are designed with spacious compartments on the back where your car can be easily loaded and transported without coming into contact with the road. In fact, flat beds are the best since they can significantly reduce any further damage to the car while on transit. Based on the condition of the car to be towed, we can easily drive or hoist it onto the ramp. For safety, we will also fasten the car onto the ramp to prevent any movements while it is being towed.

While towing cars, we are always attentive to every detail of the car so that your car is not subjected to any additional damage along the road. Our company has trained personnel with experience in towing cars to always maintain better safety conditions in every procedure. By relying on our company, there is always a guarantee that your car will be towed to the designated location without any missing part. Even if some parts and components of the car might be scattered on the road, we will collect and transport them safely together with car.

Since there are various reasons that could make your car to stall on the road, we are always very keen on customer demands. In case you need car towing services for minor hitches like, punctures, battery failure, headlight malfunction or others, we can also send mechanics to fix them on-site so you do not incur additional costs. When our mechanics are able to solve the problems making your car to stall right on location, you will not need towing services, which could also save you some money on the side.

Why Choose Car Service Singapore for Car Towing Service

Without choosing a good company to tow your car, you could easily end up with even much greater losses than you already have. That is why it is always advisable to find a partner that you can trust with your car. At Car Service Singapore, our track record speaks for itself and, this is the main reason most car owners in Singapore have always trusted us for car towing services. By relying on us to tow your car, there are several benefits that you can achieve including;

Professional car towing services

Our company has the right tools, equipment and personnel to always provide quality workmanship in every car towing service.

Transparency in service delivery

All our personnel are trusted and, can even tow the car in your absence without causing additional damage or losing parts of the vehicle.

Quick and reliable response

Our company is always very quick in responding to all car towing requests and, can get to your location in short notice. Besides, we will also be able to tow your car to the required destination quickly both at night and during the day.

Affordable car towing services Singapore

Choosing our company for car towing will also help you save quite a lot of money because, we have the most competitive prices.

For safe and reliable car towing services Singapore, do not hesitate to contact us.