Car Upholstery Repair and Replacement

Most people usually think that car upholstery only refers to the seats and carpets but, that is not true. The upholstery of your car also includes, dashboards, headliners and door panels. In case your car is convertible, the tops or roof covers are also classified under upholstery.  In the period of using your car, all these upholstery components can be exposed to numerous threats including, oil and food spills, dust, scratches, burns as well as wear and tear. In the event of an accident, the damage on your car upholstery can be massive.

Whenever any of the components of your car upholstery are damaged, the best remedy for preventing further degradation is repair and replacement. However, these can only go well if they are conducted by an expert that understands how each upholstery component should be repaired or replaced. Instead of struggling on your own, simply visit Car Service Singapore. We have experienced car interior specialists that can deliver the best car upholstery and replacement services to keep the inside of your car clean, comfortable and safe.

Professional Car Upholstery Repair and Replacement

At Car Service Singapore, we always strive to provide professional car upholstery repair and replacement services. There are several car upholstery components that we can repair and replace for you in the event of damage or wear and tear. Before we begin any procedure, we will perform a proper inspection of all the components to ascertain their conditions. Besides, we will also take into account, your needs for tailor made solutions. Some of the car upholstery features that are covered in our services include;

Car Seats

Our specialists can repair several kinds of hitches on your car seats including, scratches, burns and stains. In case the seats are dirty, we can effectively remove the stains and dust for better comfort. Even if they could be torn or scratched, we can find a suitable remedy to piece together the torn areas and cover all burns. Since car seats can be made of leather or other fabrics, we can always find and use the right materials for repairs and replacement to revive them to the best conditions for longevity.


The dashboard comprises several mechanical and electrical systems of the car and, even a slight damage onto it can have significant impacts on the general performance of your vehicle. Just like the seats, the dashboard can also get burnt, stained or torn. If the dashboard is covered by a fabric, we can mend any torn spots and also remove stains. In case the damage cannot be effectively addressed through repair, we can also replace the affected parts.

Door Panels

The doors of the car are usually exposed to a series of threats considering they are constantly used. This can impact wear and tear in the furnishings. But, there is no reason to worry because, we can always perform the best repairs to ensure that all the door panels are kept in the best condition. In case the fabrics on the door panels are badly worn out, we can also replace them with the right materials.


Although the carpets on your car are always cleaned when washing the car, they can also experience other damages. Wear and tear is one of the most common problems experienced in carpets. Before you proceed to buy new carpets, you should first talk to us for repair. Our specialists can effectively remove stains, mend torn parts to preserve the carpets in the best conditions. Besides, we can also replace the carpets on your car if the ones you have are too old.

Roof covers and fabrics

For those who own convertible cars, our specialists can also conduct proper repairs and replacement to ensure that your comfort and safety is not compromised. The most common roof top covers and fabrics problems are wear and tear, which can cause scratches and weaken the fabrics. In such situations, we can always deliver customized repair to revive their appeal and functionality. In extreme cases, we can also replace the roof covers and fabrics.

Seat belts

Car seat belts are an integral safety feature that are always used when driving. Depending on the materials they are made from and, also how they are used, seat belts can also encounter problems. For example, the clamps for fastening them to the seats can be broken. In such cases, we can also fix the hitches to make sure they are strong and safe for use on your car. However, our specialists can also recommend and replace the seat belts if the problems cannot be effectively solved by repair.


These refer to the covers or fabrics on the ceiling of the car. As the car ages, the headliners usually start to sag and rip off. We can provide the best repair to erase such impacts and bring order inside your car. Even if you may need a new headliner, our specialists can find the perfect match for your car and do the replacement in a short time.

Sometimes, you may be having a problem in other car upholstery components not listed herein. There is no reason to worry because, our specialists can still provide the best solutions. We understand that there are certain occasions whereby you may need the entire upholstery of your car to be changed. Even in such, we can offer customized car upholstery replacement to bring out the desired appeal in your car. We can also conduct car upholstery repair based on your specific instructions to make the interior unique and comfortable.

Why Choose Car Service Singapore for Car Upholstery Repair and Replacement

There are numerous benefits of choosing Car Service Singapore for car upholstery repair and replacement services. By relying on us, you can always rest assured of the following;

  • Tailor made car upholstery repair and replacement services
  • Affordable prices everyday
  • Reliable car upholstery repair and replacement

Whenever you hire our specialists for car upholstery repair and replacement, you will also get free professional advice on how to keep the upholstery of your vehicle in the best condition. Talk to us for professional car upholstery repair and replacement Singapore.