Car Servicing

Compared to several other countries across the world, Singapore is one of the places where it is considered expensive to own a car. However, this does not mean that the cost of buying cars in Singapore is higher than most countries. Instead, it simply highlights the fact that most people in Singapore are not usually very concerned about proper maintenance of their cars. The result is, a majority of car owners are constantly faced with higher costs of car repairs or buying new cars, which could be easily avoided by regular car servicing.

Although most roads in Singapore are kept in better conditions, there are also some in bad states that can easily compromise the condition of your car. Besides, there other risks too that could jeopardize the functionality and performance of your car including, wear and tear, lack of or low maintenance, poor driving habits, weather and environmental conditions. All these elements can have different negative impacts on your car if they are not checked and addressed effectively. For example, wear and tear can easily weaken the components of the car and cause malfunction if those parts are not inspected and fixed in time.

At Car Service Singapore, we specialize in the best car servicing to enable you maintain the car in proper condition for the longest period of time. By relying on our company to service your car, you no longer have to worry about the effects of wear and tear or other threats since we can provide a better cushioning against all. Regardless of the type, brand or model of car that you have, we can always provide tailor made servicing solutions so its performance and value is not compromised in any way.

The Ultimate Car Servicing Solutions

We understand that cars are usually used on different kinds of roads and conditions. Besides, even the performance and some components of cars vary from one to another. As a result of this, there are various kinds of threats or problems that you can be encountered on your car. Our goal is to provide comprehensive car servicing solutions to effectively cover all kinds of risks and hitches. In fact, there are several kinds of car servicing operations that we can conduct on your car to keep it in better shape.

Our mechanics can deliver full-range car servicing, which usually touches on all aspects and parts of the car including, the engine, transmission system, suspension system, car battery, tyres, brakes, alternator and body. Since most problems and threats in cars do not easily give any signs, we always recommend general car servicing to ensure that every part and component of the car is properly inspected for existing problems as well as those that might occur in the future. This will help you to easily avoid the hassle and high costs of frequently conducting car repairs.

After carefully inspecting all the components and parts of your car, there are several activities that we can also perform during car servicing including;

  • Checking and tuning the car engine
  • Changing the engine oil
  • Replacing the oil, air, fuel and cabin filters
  • Checking the pads, discs, liners and drums of car brakes and, making replacement where necessary
  • Checking and replacing spark plugs in case they are damaged or worn out
  • Greasing and lubricating moving car parts
  • Checking the level and refilling of ATF for both Manual and Automatic cars
  • Inspection and replacement of timing belt
  • Checking all car lights and making replacement in case of malfunction
  • Checking the tyre conditions

In car servicing, we always strive to do an all-round job so that every component and part of the car is preserved in the best working condition. In fact, our mechanics will also clean the interior and exterior of the car so it looks good on the road as well as in the parking lot. Besides, we can also check the ECU in your car for any errors so that they are also addressed during servicing for safety. We will also check and fix even minor parts like, car wipers.

At Car Service Singapore, we also understand that there are sometimes when you may not necessarily need a comprehensive car servicing. In such situations, we can also focus our activities on the particular parts or components of the car that you want to be serviced. This is usually recommended in cases whereby you may be in a hurry and lack the time or money for full car servicing. However, we would still recommended that you bring the car back to us for comprehensive servicing later.

Among the various car servicing operations that we provide, there are some simple DIY tasks that even an average driver can easily perform without involving our professionals. Therefore, we will also be able to educate you on some and how to effectively carry them out, which could help you save some money on the side. But, it is always advisable to first talk to us before undertaking any car maintenance procedure for the best results.

Why Choose Car Service Singapore for Car Servicing

Although there are some simple DIY car servicing tasks that you can independently administer, going it all alone could have devastating setbacks, especially if you do not have proper knowledge on cars. Letting us handle the servicing of your car is always the best decision that comes with greater benefits including;

  • Comprehensive servicing for all car parts and components
  • Professional car servicing offered by experts
  • Regular car servicing on your own terms and schedule
  • Competitive rates to perfectly suit your budget

Our company is committed to providing full-range car servicing solutions so all your needs are met in one fold. Convenience is a key pillar of our operations and, we will make sure that your car is serviced whenever you want and, also in the shortest time. In fact, it is only at Car Service Singapore that you can always get professional car servicing at a cost that complements your budget. Get in touch with us for the most reliable car servicing Singapore.