What to Do In Case Of a Car Accident

Although most car accidents have been blamed on negligence, drunk driving and poor road conditions, even responsible drivers sometimes find themselves in accidents.  Some may call it bad luck, however, accidents are among the inevitable unpleasant experiences that you will have at least once in the period of using your car. Car accidents vary in terms of impact on the driver, passengers, vehicle, other road users and surroundings but, knowing the right steps to take whenever they happen could always save you a great deal.

Tensions and emotions are usually high in accident scenes and, failure to act right can easily create even more complications and losses. Do not start panicking or fleeing the scene since that could also land you into major problems with the traffic authorities. Amidst all the arguments and chaos, it is important to always try and stay cool. The following are guidelines on the right actions to pursue whenever you are involved in an accident while on the road;

Check if anyone is injured in the accident scene and call an ambulance

Life is precious and, it is always recommended that you first examine the scene to make sure that everyone is alright. In case of injuries both small and serious, call an ambulance immediately for medical help. Sometimes, victims may not feel the impact at the moment, hence, it is advisable to also undergo proper medical examination at the scene or later.

Call the Traffic Police

Although there are situations that respondents and victims try to rescue and move the bodies of those injured or dead, it is recommended to stay calm and, also call the police. While waiting for help, you can politely try engaging the victims for information about their names, home addresses, telephone numbers, associates or relatives and insurance details.

As you wait for the police, there are certain necessary activities that can be performed for instance, moving the vehicles involved from the road to clear traffic.

Gather Evidence from the scene of the accident

Sometimes, not all respondents to accident scenes come to offer help. Therefore, you should also be keen to ensure that your car or other victims are ripped off their belongings. However, you should be careful not to interfere with the scene in a way that can jeopardize investigations unless it is necessary.

The basic evidence that you should collect can include taking pictures of the cars or vehicles involved, entire scene and surroundings. When taking pictures, you should also focus on the particular damages if any, without moving the vehicles or parts. Besides, it is also important to note the numbers and license plates of the vehicles involved in the accident.

Sign the Singapore Accident Statement and Insurance Report

In every accident, there is always a report that must be filed by the authorities and owners of the vehicles or drivers. The statement can be easily filled in using the evidence that you gathered and, should always be done with a lot of care and accuracy. In the event of injuries, damages or both, you should also file a report with your insurance company.

All cases of accidents should be reported to the respective insurance companies within 24 hours. This should always be done regardless of whether you are seeking a claim from the insurer or third parties. If you are unable to file the Accident Statement and Insurance report, there are guidelines that may apply for your safety.

While engaging the police and insurance company, it is also advisable to give any information regarding third parties that may have been injured during the accident like, cyclists and pedestrians. Even if it was a hit and run, you should also report it to the authorities.

Put the hazard signs on the road for non-injury accidents

If in the accident, no one is injured, you should place hazard signs about 50 meters away from the rear and front of the car. Hazard signs are not only important at night but should also be used during the day whenever you are involved in accident without sustaining injuries.

Assess the damage to the vehicle

Although car insurance companies have their own people to conduct assessments on the damages to vehicles involved in accidents, it is important that you also try and do your own on the scene. The assessment will help you to get an estimate of the expected car repair, replacement and maintenance procedures. For the best car repair Singapore, Car Service Singapore is the right partner that you can always count on.