Car Body Repair

Also called panel beating, car body repair is an important procedure aimed at fixing minor and major damages on the external or structural parts of the car. There are several elements that can damage the body of your car. Several cases of car body damage are caused by hitting objects or collision. Others also result from driving on rocky or rugged terrain without the right car tyres and accessories. Generally, most car accidents and vandalism cases can impact damage on various parts of the car including, the bonnet, boot, doors, roof among others.

In case the damage on the body of your car are not carefully inspected and repaired as soon as they occur, you could be putting yourself and other road users in great danger. Besides, car body damages can also have significant impacts on the shape and performance of your car. In worse cases, they could even result in total car failure. Instead of taking the risks, simply bring your car to Car Service Singapore. Since we also provide car towing services, you can simply contact us to tow your car to any of our nearest garages for the best car body repair.

Whether your car has encountered a minor or major body damage, we have car body experts with advanced techniques and experience to ensure that all are effectively fixed. Our company is always committed to making sure that you get the best car body repair customized to your needs and budget. In fact, we can also do the body repair in your garage in case you do not wish to move the car from your premises. We have car body specialists that can be dispatched to your service on short notice anywhere in Singapore.

Comprehensive Car Body Repair

Generally, there are numerous panel beating techniques that can be employed when conducting car body repair. However, we will only choose the most effective ones to use on your car, depending on the impact, affected parts as well as your expectations.  Although there could be some minor body damage that look easy to fix, it is always advisable to avoid making the attempt if you do not have proper knowledge and tools for car body repair. Trying to address car body damage on your own could cause injuries and, result in further damage.

Our car body professionals have a better understanding and experience in fixing car body damage and, this always gives us the ability to meet customer demands. Whenever you bring your car to our garage or ask us to come and repair the body of your car at home, we will start by inspecting all the parts of the car. Proper inspection is always recommended to ensure that we are able to determine all the parts of the car body that are damaged and level of impact for tailor made repair solutions.

Depending on the damaged parts and extent of impact, there are various car body repair techniques that we can apply to address the problem and bring back your car in good shape. We will thoroughly clean and sand the affected areas then apply putty fillers and other effective procedures to properly fix the damage. Besides, our car body specialists can also apply heat or welding on parts of the car that are torn to put them back into one piece. However, we will only use the most suitable technique and equipment to join torn car body parts.

If the affected parts are badly torn such that they cannot be effectively solved through these procedures, we can also find the right replacements. Depending on the model, brand and type of your car, our specialists will find compatible parts to use in replacing components that are extensively damaged. Our goal is to eliminate all signs of car body damage so your car is accorded a brand new look or the kind of appeal that you want.

To correct minor damage, we can also hammer the affected areas carefully to avoid spreading the problem into other parts of the car. Sometimes, the damage may have dug deeper and created holes on parts of the car. In such cases, we can also apply the right fillers and hardeners to properly seal them off. Based on the extent of impact, these procedures could be intensive and lave the surfaces rough. Therefore, we will also sand the repaired areas and apply the best finishes, leaving them smooth and in perfect shape.

Car body repair will leave all the surfaces smooth but, there are always chances that the paint will be scratched. As a result, we also offer car paint scratch repair to effectively wipe off the scratches. Besides, our car body specialists can also perform spray painting for the perfect finish. We can always deliver comprehensive car body repair so your car is revived into the right shape that it was before the damage. Even if you may not require all these at once, we can still conduct car body repair on specific areas.

Why Choose Car Service Singapore for Car Body Repair

At Car Service Singapore, our job is only complete if you are satisfied with the quality of workmanship. Our car body specialists will immediately get in touch with you upon completion of all the repair procedures for inspection to make sure that all the damaged parts are properly fixed as you desire. We can always go out of our way to deliver greater customer satisfaction. The following are more reasons to always choose our company for car body repair;

  • Professional car body specialists to always deliver tailor made repair solutions
  • Reliable car body repair whenever and wherever you need it
  • Affordable rates for every budget
  • Immediate response and fast car body repair

In case you are involved in an accident on the road or somewhere else where repairs cannot be performed, our company can dispatch tow trucks to immediately move it to a safe location. We offer dependable car towing services to ensure that you are not stranded. Simply get in touch with us for the best car body repair Singapore.