The brakes of your car are among the most essential components that require constant inspection for greater safety in the road. In fact, having faulty car brakes is a situation that can put you and other motorists in great danger. Apart from wear and tear, there are several other problems that can be experienced in the car braking system. And, Car Service Singapore is the reliable partner that can deliver proper car brakes inspection, repair and replacement whenever you are faced with any kind of fault on the braking system of your car.

Depending on the age of your car, how and where it is driven, there are quite a number of car braking system faults or problems that you can be faced with. One of the main causes of car brakes problems is wear and tear, which occurs over time. Besides, there are also some car brakes faults that result from malfunction in one or more components of the braking system. Other car brakes problems can also occur as a result of faults in other car components that are linked to the braking system.

Common Car Brakes Problems

At Car Service Singapore, we have a better understanding of all the common and complex car brakes faults. And, this is one of the reasons we have always been able to deliver the best car brakes repair and replacement services. Some of the common car brakes problems that we can help you with include;

  • Low car brake pedal
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Brake pedals sinking to the floor
  • Car pulling to one side whenever the brake pedal is pressed
  • Shaking steering wheel when braking
  • Brake pedal pulsation
  • Brakes squealing
  • Scrapping braking noise

The problems listed above are impacted by different conditions ranging from, corrosion of car brake shoe adjusters, air in the braking system, faults in the rubber brake hose, worn out brake linings, leakage of the brake fluid, warped rotors, overheating of the brake pads, bent pistons among others. Although some of these faults are easily noticeable, there are also some that you cannot easily realize. However, it is always advisable that whenever you suspect or realize any fault with your car’s braking system, talk to us immediately for proper diagnosis and assistance.

Car brakes problems like, low brake fluid and leaks are easy to notice since you will see a warning light. Others like, brakes squealing, shaking steering wheel during braking and brake pulsation are also easy to notice since they are usually accompanied by noise on the car or braking system. Regardless of the case, all these hitches can have greater impacts on the functionality of your car’s brakes as well as other components, putting you into greater risks.

How We Handle Car Brakes Repair and Replacement

Before we begin any repair or replacement procedure, we always start by conducting a thorough inspection of the car’s braking system and other components that are linked to it in order to ascertain the problems, their sources and craft the most suitable solutions. The inspection is always important because of all the car brakes problems highlighted above, there are some that can be solved by repair and others that will need replacement of the particular affected components of even the whole system.

After a thorough diagnosis of the problems in your car’s brakes, we will prepare a quotation highlighting all the procedures that will be conducted including, costs. For the best results, we always involve customers when preparing quotations. During this time, we also give customers the opportunity to state some of the special treatments that they would want us to include during repair and replacement for the ultimate solutions. Our mechanics will also be able to advise you on the most suitable solutions to the particular problems that you are facing in your car’s braking system. The quotation is prepared and delivered at no costs.

As soon as you accent to the quotation, our mechanics will begin working on your car immediately. Depending on the problems, we will be able to deliver customized solutions to ensure that the faults are solved once and for all. During car brakes repair, there are various procedures that we can perform including, bleeding brake linings, cleaning brake shoe adjusters, adjustment of drum brakes, resurfacing brake rotors, brake cylinder repair, cleaning and lubricating brake calipers among others.

Based on the condition of your car’s braking system, there are also some problems that cannot be effectively solved through repairs but, replacement. Hitches like, brake pedal pulsation, worn out brake linings or pads, missing brake pad mounting components, broken springs are best solved through replacement, which we can also conduct perfectly. Since there are different kinds of car brakes brands and models, we are always very keen during replacement of car braking system parts to ensure that you always get the right match for your car. Even if the entire braking system of your car needs replacement, our mechanics will ensure that the job is done right and fast.

On completion of the repairs and replacement of your car’s braking system, our mechanics will always conduct proper testing before the car is returned to you. In performing car brakes repair, replacement and testing, we always integrate advanced technologies to make sure that you get the ultimate solutions to all the hitches. In case the tests reveal a recurrence of the problem, our mechanics will once again look at it carefully and administer further procedures until a solution is achieved.

Why Choose Car Service Singapore for Car Brakes Repair and Replacement

In order to get the best car brakes repair and replacement services, Car Service Singapore is the number one partner to always visit. By choosing our company for these services, you are always guaranteed the following;

  • Professional car brakes repair and replacement services
  • Affordable rates for every budget
  • Reliable services offered at your own convenience

Even after conducting all the repairs and replacement of your car’s braking system, our mechanics can still advise you on proper maintenance and, diagnosis of common car brakes problems. Talk to us now for the best car brakes repair and replacement Singapore.